About Within3

We are dedicated to enabling the vital healthcare collaboration that is critical for better outcomes. In order for that to happen, it is essential that healthcare professionals have ways to engage that complement their busy schedules and add value to their time.  Our business was founded to help health and life sciences organizations collaborate more extensively and conveniently with physicians and other healthcare professionals.

We improve our clients’ results and enhance health outcomes by providing market-leading social technology and professional services. Our digital collaboration solutions are device agnostic which enables healthcare professionals to collaborate at their convenience anywhere in the world by computer, tablet or smart phone.

A digital healthcare collaboration solution enables remote, seamless information exchange among healthcare professionals, fostering deeper sharing of peer-to-peer clinical experiences and insights. Physicians value this meaningful dialogue, citing its positive impact on their practice of medicine and patient outcomes.

Health and life sciences organizations find that our digital healthcare collaboration solutions yield powerful outcomes, whether used as an augmentation to their existing strategies or as a replacement for their current ways of doing business. Enhanced productivity, reduced costs, increased efficiencies and timelier decision-making result in greater market impact.

Agency Partnerships

If you are a Medical Communications Agency, we welcome you to learn about new ways to supplement your service offerings through our Within3 Results Program.

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