A Look at Part Two of Our Innovators in Life Sciences Webinar Series

November 30, 2016 | Blog

On Friday, November 11th, 2016, we presented the second of our 3-part Innovators in Life Sciences series.  In this segment, Lance Hill, CEO of Within3, and Remy Guidry, Group Account Supervisor of DDB Health, demonstrated how pharmaceutical companies can increase, and even improve, interactions with their stakeholders while successfully reducing related costs. By leveraging online discussion platforms, commercial, medical affairs, and digital innovation teams have the ability to remove travel, time zone, and language barriers often associated with live and video-based meetings.


Lance and Remy delivered a powerful argument for online discussion platforms, effectively illustrating:


  • The advancement of KOL communication methods
  • A real-world case study, utilizing online discussion platforms, which delivered:
    • Consistent engagement of regional stakeholders over longer periods of time
    • Removal of communication barriers
    • An understanding of how to roll out content to participants
  • Key trends in online meeting participation


You can access the archived version of the webinar here.  


Be on the lookout for the final installment in this series, taking place early 2017.  Details to come.