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Acquiring Expert Clinical Insights

July 20, 2017 | Case Study

Acquiring expert clinical insights and perspectives is critical throughout the lifecycle of a drug. The findings often serve to have cross-organizational impact – shaping both medical affairs and commercial team decision-making and related efforts. A leading pharmaceutical organization’s medical affairs team was purposed with acquiring multi-touchpoint feedback about these types of patient-centric topics on the subject of lymphatic blood-based cancer. This case study examines how they took an innovative approach to achieving the necessary engagement outcomes.

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Improving Clinical Decision-Making Outcomes

June 15, 2017 | Case Study

Purposeful discussions between pharmaceutical organizations and healthcare professionals (HCPs) are critical throughout the lifecycle of a compound. Discover how a clinical development team within a leading pharmaceutical organization, that was purposed with acquiring feedback on a biological agent which would serve as a therapeutic target, took an innovative approach to gaining increased KOL participation and feedback, while reducing costs by nearly 60%. The feedback would entail HCP perspectives on single ascending dose and multiple dose study design, opinions on trial timing, design, population, and other key study elements.

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Improving Steering Committee Outcomes

May 11, 2017 | Case Study

Pharmaceutical organizations are routinely wrestling with questions ranging from clinical insights, to market penetration and expansion, to access and coverage. Because steering committees bring together internal and external experts to provide periodic (and often unscheduled) feedback to the committee chairs throughout the year, they are highly effective in working through these issues. However, scheduling and logistical challenges can make steering committees hard to execute efficiently - particularly when factoring in time zone differences, travel, and scheduling coordination, and the need for quick and timely feedback. A leading pharmaceutical organization, facing these challenges, took an innovative approach to engaging their committee members. This case study examines how they did it.

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Within3 Case Study: Rare Disease in Adults

April 27, 2017 | Case Study

A leading pharmaceutical’s commercial team was purposed with gaining insights on the ramifications of the treatment and expanded life expectancy related to a rare metabolic disease. As a key input to its efforts, the team decided to conduct a meeting with young adult patients, who would have first-hand knowledge and experience related to this subject.

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How Gov't Health Policy Reforms Impact Pharma

April 20, 2017 | Case Study

The U.S. government is increasingly focused on health care policy reforms, causing pharmaceutical companies to rethink their strategies and tactics in pursuing “share of scripts.” For pharmaceutical companies, these reforms represent a paradigm shift in the structure of the U.S. market, and call for innovative approaches to commercialization and pricing. In a new value-driven health care system, pharmaceutical companies’ drug therapies will need to provide products that demonstrate measurable value to a broader array of stakeholders – physicians, patients, and payers. As a result, companies are faced with an increased need for engaging in discussion across the entire stakeholder ecosystem.

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