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How Gov't Health Policy Reforms Impact Pharma

April 20, 2017 | Case Study

The U.S. government is increasingly focused on health care policy reforms, causing pharmaceutical companies to rethink their strategies and tactics in pursuing “share of scripts.” For pharmaceutical companies, these reforms represent a paradigm shift in the structure of the U.S. market, and call for innovative approaches to commercialization and pricing. In a new value-driven health care system, pharmaceutical companies’ drug therapies will need to provide products that demonstrate measurable value to a broader array of stakeholders – physicians, patients, and payers. As a result, companies are faced with an increased need for engaging in discussion across the entire stakeholder ecosystem.

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Clinical Trial Decision Making

March 30, 2017 | Case Study

A leading pharmaceutical organization’s medical affairs team facing a go-/no-go clinic trial decision desired to improve their collaboration process – and results. This case study explains how they did it.
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Improving Pub Planning

March 07, 2017 | Case Study

Pharmaceutical publication planning (often referred to as “Pub Planning”) plays a critical role in the dissemination of scientific and clinical data on a drug to healthcare professionals at scientific congresses, medical society meetings, and in peer reviewed medical journals. Such participation often includes multiple participants working from different geographic locations and related time-zones, which can lead to inefficiency and extended time required to complete related processes. A leading pharmaceutical organization’s medical affairs team facing these pub planning communication challenges desired to improve their collaboration process – and results. 

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Improving Global MSL Engagement

February 23, 2017 | Case Study

For Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) to be most effective in their roles, pharmaceutical organizations need to provide constant training and seamless resource updates and distribution. Engaging global MSL teams requires addressing the added communication barriers of diverse time-zones and languages. These dynamics have led to historically poor engagement levels and unsustainable travel costs and logistics…until now. 

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Reach Global Payers Where They Are

December 28, 2016 | Case Study

When designing new drugs, pharmaceutical companies need to seek the input of key stakeholders – physicians, patients, payers. The goal is to achieve greater information exchange and data-mining capabilities about several key factors, including strategies payers employ to determine therapies and/or rein in costs.

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