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Optimizing a Speakers Bureau Program in Healthcare and Life Sciences

October 31, 2016 | Article

In pharma, speakers bureaus are used for accelerating awareness and clinical expertise of important new treatments. Doctors and other HCPs use real-world clinical experience to educate and inform peers of different therapies for a particular disease. But, launching a speakers bureau is more than creating a PowerPoint presentation, contracting a speaker and inviting healthcare professionals to listen to your program. 

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Is It ROI or ROE (Return on Engagement)?

October 05, 2016 | Article

When marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, you have to have a goal in mind. For years, it has always been financially focused. But, as the world of marketing has been reinventing itself, so, too, should its success metrics. Return on engagement could be the new guide to success. But, what does that mean exactly?

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Managing Innovation in the Life Sciences Industry

August 22, 2016 | Article

Organizations that successfully innovate can produce miraculous interventions, technologies and therapies. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly tasked with being innovative, while reducing time and cost to market therapies. Innovation is about continuous process improvement; so, how can the industry effectively manage innovation?
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Three Ways to Attract KOLs and Get a Leg Up On Competitors

July 07, 2016 | Article

KOLs play a vital role in the health and life sciences industry. But with more and more hurdles, engaging them has become more difficult. Because of this, pharma companies must better understand KOLs and their motivators in order to provide new and better ways to gain their participation.
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4 Innovative Ways 3D Printing is Being Used in Pharma

June 15, 2016 | Article

3D printing has been around for years, mainly used in manufacturing. In more recent years, it has expanded into healthcare, where it’s been used to create custom prosthetics and dental implants. But, with the advent of the first FDA-approved 3D printed drug, this approach is expanding, allowing for more personalized healthcare at a lower cost.
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