Discussions anytime, anywhere

Smarter virtual
 engagement  is here.

Within3 is how  virtual engagement is done. 

We invented a better way for pharmaceutical, medical device and other life sciences companies, to have conversations with the people who matter most—from doctors to patients to payers, and more.

A virtual communications platform that gives stakeholders the freedom to engage anytime, anywhere, on any device. A suite of practical tools to foster meaningful discussion. Like one-click translation. Powerful moderator tools. Intelligent prompts that keep conversations alive. And unlike web video conferencing, Within3’s highly-structured, goal-based interface results in thoughtful input from every participant.

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Industry Standard

Trusted by pharmaceutical
and medical device
 companies worldwide. 

Leading medical device companies, and all of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies use Within3 everyday to increase stakeholder engagement and host more effective life sciences discussions.

A Single Solution

One discussion platform for
 every stage of your process. 

Use Within3’s virtual collaboration platform to host and facilitate internal and external discussion, and gain deeper stakeholder engagement across your entire enterprise.

Asynchronous Discussions

Conversations anywhere,
anytime,  in any language. 

Unlike webcasts, stakeholders interact with the platform on their own time. And instant translation tools make it easier than ever to host global discussions—without the logistical headaches.


  • Accelerated Insights

    Skip the scheduling back-and-forth and get lightning-fast results with a virtual platform that’s accessible 24/7, on any device.

  • Deeper Engagement

    Foster richer engagement and insights using Within3’s dynamic, structured conversations—from polls to moderated threads to document co-authoring, and more.

  • Better Decisions

    With better, faster insights you’ll have the information you need to work smarter and more efficiently—right at your fingertips.