Online Advisory Boards,
purpose-built for better  engagement. 

We designed Within3’s virtual advisory boards to deliver insights and engagement that video conferences can’t—with 24/7 accessibility, structured dialogue and total security and compliance.

Asynchronous Discussions

 24/7  Environment

Open for days or weeks and accessible on any device, so moderators and advisors can engage on their own time—wherever they are.

Powerful Moderation Tools

Built for  maximum participation 

Automatic prompts keep stakeholders active and engaged. And a central moderator dashboard lets you check progress, send private messages, and prompt responses—all in one place.

Flexible Engagement

One platform.
 Many ways to engage. 

From open-ended questions to multiple choice to document annotation, Within3’s versatile platform is custom-built to home in on the insights you need from advisors.

Case Study

See how a European
 medical affairs team 
uses Within3.

 Business Results 

  • Deeper Insights

    Give stakeholders time to consider answers and formulate responses—for richer, more meaningful insights.

  • Fewer Logistical Headaches

    Time zones and language differences are no longer barriers to hosting global conversations, with instant translation a round-the-clock environment.

  • Better Decisions

    With better, faster insights you’ll have the information you need to work smarter and more efficiently—right at your fingertips.