Top 10 Pharmaceutical CompanyWhy Are Doctors Selecting One Therapy over Another?

Business Objectives

  • Medical Affairs team looked to identify and create effective educational resources
  • Very specific information was required on how clinicians and patients work together to determine therapies
  • Quick insights were needed during a non-optimal advisory board time (December)

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Sample Questions

  • As a clinician, what patient factors lead you to consider initiation of a therapy?
  • What information about therapies do you provide to your patients?
  • Can you think of any additional systematic approaches or resources that could support shared decision-making on therapies?
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Actionable Business Results

  • Identified key patient decision-making aid that would help doctors and patients select the best therapy option
  • Gained great clarity into the role patients play in therapy decisions
  • Determined the need for — and scheduled — a virtual patient advisory board for later in the year

High Business Team Satisfaction

If we didn’t have access to the Within3 platform, we’d not have been able to get this feedback at all. These KOLs aren’t getting on planes in December to attend an advisory board meeting.

Medical Affairs Director

High KOL Satisfaction

The virtual advisory board allows for a sharp focus on a finite set of questions, and promotes a flow of thought that can be most provocative in stimulating a broad-ranging discourse.

Key Opinion Leader