Top 25 Pharmaceutical CompanyShould We Pursue a New Indication for an Existing Molecule?

Business Objectives

  • Researched a potential therapeutic area for an existing drug
  • Required a broad and detailed understanding of the status quo from multiple types of health professionals
  • Looked to understand the roles played by patients, providers, and other stakeholders

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Sample Questions

  • What is the role of pharmacologic therapy in treating adult patients?
  • What else is important to keep in mind when treating adult patients?
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Actionable Business Results

  • Gained a deep array of insights into how the therapeutic area currently functions
  • Acquired a strong understanding of current gaps and opportunities
  • Created a standing panel of HCPs which can quickly be accessed as new questions arise

High Business Team Satisfaction

The support from Within3 was amazing. They were never more than an email away, and they really reduced our workload and learning curve.

Medical Director

High KOL Satisfaction

I enjoyed answering a question and then being able to read other responses. It did feel like a dialogue much of the time, which made it more interesting.

Key Opinion Leader