September 9, 2020

Within3 Launches Engagement Partner Certification for Life Science Agencies

Within3, the leading provider of virtual engagement solutions for life science companies, today announced a new certification program for agency partners. The Virtual Engagement Partner (VEP) Certification Program is designed to help healthcare and life science communications agencies support their clients’ shift to a virtual environment for complex engagements like clinical trial design and medical advisory boards. It empowers agencies with clients currently using Within3 to get the most out of the platform.

“Many of our life science clients are facing the greatest transition in their way of working in decades,” says Within3 CEO Lance Hill. “They need focused assistance from partners like external communication agencies to help them adopt virtual, online engagement processes and technologies where they can collaborate with all their stakeholders. This program guarantees our clients will have the best possible resources available to make their migration to virtual engagement as seamless as possible.”

As the effects of COVID-19 dramatically increased the need for virtual engagement solutions, life science organizations accelerated the adoption of Within3 as a key element of their business continuity plans. Life science companies – including the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers – use Within3 to engage healthcare providers, patients, payers, and other stakeholders in more than 150 countries.

The VEP Certification Program provides agencies with dedicated training, extended resources, and client success consultation to understand the applications of the Within3 virtual engagement platform. There is no cost for the three-hour training program and certification.

“We are excited Within3 is taking this step to formalize a partnership program as our teams have worked together to support mutual clients for years. This feels like a natural evolution to create a seamless experience to benefit clients, internal teams, and the HCPs we engage at a time when the industry is relying on the platform more than ever,” says Gregory Imber, chief engagement officer with HCG.

The program begins September 9, 2020, starting with agency partners including HCG, McCann Xcelerate Oncology, Precision Value, Catalyst, Innovative BioPharma, Evince Communications, LEAD-UP, EDU Pharma, Point of Care Network, TBTB Global, Care Beyond Diagnosis, In Vivo, and Elma Research.

“Our agency partners have been instrumental in the growth of the Within3 ecosystem,“ says Angela Labrozzi, Within3 channel partner director. “The VEP Certification Program will provide agencies the opportunity to help their clients achieve more high-value, actionable business insights through virtual over-time engagements.”

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