Case Study – November 12, 2020

Building Consensus on Cancer Treatment Strategies


A medical affairs team within a leading pharmaceutical company wanted to engage physicians based in Japan and obtain feedback on various treatment strategies for multiple myeloma. The team wanted to understand:

  1. Advisors’ perspective on what they consider successful treatment
  2. Therapeutic strategies for successful treatment


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The medical affairs team invited 12 Japanese hematologists to answer seven questions during a 14-day over-time session. All of the content was presented in Japanese. By using a mix of open-ended, single-choice, and multiple-choice questions, the team was able to obtain both quantitative and qualitative feedback. Questions during the session included What is the meaning of the word “cured” when considering multiple myeloma? and What do you think of the proposed patient classification when considering treatment strategies?


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All of the participants registered ahead of the session kick-off, and there was a high level of engagement during the over-time meeting. The group of physicians reached a consensus on several of the questions presented during the session, including:

  1. Definition of successful treatment in multiple myeloma
  2. Agreement on patient classification when considering treatment strategies
  3. Agreement that biomarker tests are necessary as future considerations