Graduating Fellows Engagement & Perspective

January 29, 2018Case Study

Engaging graduating fellows play an integral role in maintaining continuity of care expertise and best practices within the healthcare ecosystem. This necessary engagement allows the seamless adoption of evidenced-based information and treatment protocols, both of which are contributed to by organizations both within and outside of academia and other teaching settings -including, pharmaceutical companies. Through educational support and mentoring initiatives, pharmaceutical organizations have long played a role in providing support to the ongoing education and training of clinical professionals. A leading pharmaceutical organization’s commercial team was purposed with conducting a discussion with a group of graduating fellows.

This case study examines how the commercial team innovatively addressed their objectives.

Graduating fellows are being pulled in lots of directions as they complete their program and move forward in their careers. If we had conducted this program requiring in-person participation, we would have been lucky to garner 50% participation. To think that leveraging this meeting format we were able to obtain 100% participation, for roughly 40% of the cost, it’s becoming more and more difficult to justify the live event format.

Commercial Team Leader, Moderator