Improving Clinical Decision-Making Outcomes

June 15, 2017Case Study

Purposeful discussions between pharmaceutical organizations and healthcare professionals (HCPs) are critical throughout the lifecycle of a compound. Arguably one of the most important stages for seamless, bi-directional collaboration is in Phase 1 of clinical trials – when determinations are being made related to whether or not a promising biologic merits further study, analysis, and resource allocation. If it does, the discussion then focuses on required study design, population and demographic sampling and investigation, and timing.

Discover how a clinical development team within a leading pharmaceutical organization, that was purposed with acquiring feedback on a biological agent which would serve as a therapeutic target, took an innovative approach to gaining increased KOL participation and feedback, while reducing costs by nearly 60%. The Phase 1 clinical trial feedback would entail HCP perspectives on single ascending dose (SAD) and multiple dose (MD) study design, opinions on trial timing, design, population, and other key study elements.

We were able to gain full unencumbered participation and afford convenience to all, while generating 2x the level of insights that we normally generate from a live setting – and we did so while saving nearly 60% of the costs.

Clinical Development Lead Moderator