Improving Steering Committee Outcomes

May 11, 2017Case Study

Steering committees play an integral role within leading pharmaceutical organizations. These organizations are routinely wrestling with questions ranging from clinical insights, to market penetration and expansion, to access and coverage. Because steering committees bring together internal and external experts to provide periodic (and often unscheduled) feedback to the committee chairs throughout the year, they are highly effective in working through these issues. However, scheduling and logistical challenges can make steering committees hard to execute efficiently however — particularly when factoring in time zone differences, travel, and scheduling coordination, and the need for quick and timely feedback.

A leading pharmaceutical organization’s Global Pricing and Market Access team, facing these challenges, took an innovative approach to engaging their committee members. This case study examines how they did it.

No traveling, and the comfort of doing it from my office or home at any time was terrific!

Steering Committee Member Participant