Regional Physician Program

October 28, 2016Case Study

Gathering key stakeholders from different regions is not always feasible. It’s challenging to assemble 80-100 HCPs from around the country to discuss topics that impact the healthcare industry, such as updated treatment guidelines. But, in order to understand the implications of treatment decisions due to new guidelines, a pharma company needed to quickly engage multiple physicians from different parts of the country in meaningful dialogue.

In the following case study, we present how this pharma company was able to bring together HCPs from all over the US in secure, compliant online discussions about treatment guidelines and how those guidelines impacted key activities, such as prescribing decisions and patient comfort.

This is a good format. The live advisory board is a great general overview. The virtual sessions are wonderful in that we can answer topic questions at our own pace. We are extremely busy and this format is very accommodating.

Key Opinion Leader