Therapeutic Strategy Review and Decision-Making

December 14, 2017Case Study

Annual internal strategic planning and execution requires a coordinated and collaborative discussion, tactical decision-making, and the review of vast quantities of documentation. The outcomes from these internal engagements will provide a map of efforts and related timelines that will include participation from countless individuals and teams throughout the organization – and represent millions of dollars in resource planning and execution.

A leading pharmaceutical organization’s internal medical management team was purposed with conducting this annual engagement process – a process which requires a seamless engagement of individuals located around the globe.

This case study examines how the medical affairs team innovatively addressed their objectives.

Given everyone’s travel and meetings schedules, annual planning has historically required sacrificing full team participation and feedback. Conducting the planning and review through the online discussion platform was simply a game-changer. To garner 100% participation, at 40% of the cost, we clearly are going to make this a required tool throughout our operations moving forward.

Internal Medical Management, Team Leader