Compliant and convenient dialogue with external stakeholders.

Unlike a web conference where everyone must be available at the exact same time, Within3's online discussion platform allows important stakeholder conversations to take place over days, weeks, or indefinitely.  This innovative approach fosters deep discussion while maximizing the convenience.

Life science enterprises are transforming their advisory board programs with Within3 – improving insights, reducing cost, and increasing speed-to-market. Payers, patients, and providers are the most common participants in Within3-based advisory board sessions.

Within3 improves the results of speaker programs through faster, enhanced communication. Clients gain better understanding when creating materials, improve the effectiveness of their speakers, and obtain sharper, more comprehensive insight into the market.

Communication within clinical trial programs remains complex, time consuming, and inefficient. Within3 solutions help trial teams, CROs, investigators, research coordinators, and trial sponsors communicate, collaborate, and share best practices seamlessly and efficiently.

Engaging groups of consultants multiple times throughout the year or within a moment’s notice can be cost prohibitive with traditional meeting venues. The Within3 solution is a convenient, cost effective alternative for deep dialogue with key stakeholders.

Within3 offers custom community solutions for organizations to engage external stakeholders. Our community solutions can be adapted to fit an organization’s unique goals.