Bridging the Communication Gap in Clinical Trials

Communication within clinical trial programs remains complex, time consuming, and inefficient. Within3 solutions help trial teams, CROs, investigators, research coordinators, and trial sponsors communicate, collaborate, and share best practices seamlessly and efficiently.

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Communication gaps in clinical trials can increase expense and trial duration

  • Focus on the trial is inconsistent between sites
  • Group meetings are inconvenient and inefficient
  • Sponsors spend redundant effort assisting individual sites

The Clinical Communication Center fosters dialogue and collaboration between the sponsor and external stakeholders. Sponsors gain crucial insights from sites, patients, and payers to improve trial performance. Group meetings are held in a convenient format available 24/7 to participants, and sites are empowered to collaborate with the sponsor and each other.

With Within3’s Clinical Communication Center, you can enhance awareness, information distribution, and clinical dialogue, resulting in superior results

  • Enhanced trial performance
  • Improved trial communication
  • Increased convenience