Publication Development
 for the 21st century. 

Forget the tiresome back-and-forth of multi-author publications. Within3 delivers a single place for authors to contribute, engage, and edit manuscripts on any device, from any location. Status updates keep medical writers in the loop, and automatic reminders help authors stay on top of contributions, streamlining the path to publication.

Virtual Discussions

Gain consensus and
 build plans 

Use virtual discussions before the first draft of a manuscript to determine direction and build an outline.

Remote Editing

Co-author manuscripts
 in real-time 

Make comments and edits instantly—and see your co-authors’ contributions the second they’re written.

Powerful Engagement Tools

Built for
 author engagement 

Automatic status updates and participation reminders keep authors on top of their work, so publications stay on schedule.

Case Study

Learn how a leading drug company used co-authoring to  shorten their manuscript timeline. 

 Business Results 

  • Shorter timelines

    Streamline the path to publication by bringing all authors into one virtual platform. Teams that use Within3 cut their publication timeline by 33%.

  • Fewer logistical headaches

    Co-authoring no longer requires separate channels of communication, and real-time editing removes the back-and-forth and makes burdensome collating a thing of the past.

  • Better engagement

    Get authors contributing like never before. Teams that use Within3’s platform see superior author engagement and volume of contributions.